Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Come to the Benefit for Shawna Oct 2!
Sail Inn, 26 S Farmer Ave, Tempe, AZ
Media is welcome, but has to pay to get in just like everyone else. Arizona writer Laine Lawless will be be there to talk about Shawna.
All proceeds will be donated to Shawna for her commissary needs and phone calls.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Breakup of MCDC

MCDC is putting out the same message I put out 10 months ago—a little late, I’d say! My opinion is that there was so much fraud and poor management in MCDC, they had to close it down. This is their way to “gracefully bow out.” THEY ARE FINISHED. This is an example of weak, poor leadership. I would never concern myself with liability of volunteers; it’s “country first” with me. Nothing is easy, and success comes with a steep price; MCDC has never been willing to pay that price. I do not believe that Simcox was ever going to run for Senate; it was a way out without admitting defeat and failure. All of these are reasons why M.A.D. was growing and successful.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Something Different About the Border

It is thought that many of the murders in Mexico are done by the drug cartels, but this is not entirely true. Some of it is done by the drug lords, but there are hits instigated and performed by agents of the U.S. government.

Marijuana is sometimes used as a device to "feed the dog a bone," and it is apprehended in transit across the border into the U.S. so that Border Patrol and DHS can keep their numbers in the ball park. While a pot bust is happening, backs are turned and the heavy drugs come right into the U.S.

Notice how 95% of the busts along the border are pot! Americans think, "Oh, what a great job they are doing--they just got 900 pounds of pot!" OMG! Americans are played as fools!

M-16s from the U.S. are furnished to the cartels and Border Patrol Agents are ordered to stay in their vehicles (only one agent per vehicle). WTF?! It's a joke, but people accept this.

I do not. That is why I wanted to blow that farce wide open. I have inside sources--agents from all agencies, including ICE. I also accepted that I would be TARGETED, but the truth needs to be told.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Under normal circumstances, the last 3 weeks I’ve spent in the infirmary might have consumed my thoughts. In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, I feel bad that I still have shelter, food, water, sanitary facilities, and medical attention, when so many do not. My heart goes out to those facing such devastation and loss of life. Americans are facing what may be the greatest economic crisis of this new century, yet Haitians have faced much worse conditions throughout their entire history. I see the pictures in the news coverage of people whose lives will never be the same, and who are desperate to hang onto what little they have left. It saddens me when I see media making statements that Haitians are “robbing and looting” stores as if they were criminals for wanting to eat and drink so that they could survive.

Just as devastating is the constant corruption endemic in whatever government rules Haiti. There is not much chance that the aid given to that nation will get to the people who really need it; it is likely to enrich only those who loot from The People of that nation. Two million people need help, yet aid has gotten to only 500,000, which means that 1 ½ million will likely die from starvation or disease.

This destruction, however, makes me count my blessings, which are plentiful. My body may be incarcerated, but my mind and heart are free, and my conscience is clear. All of us should look around and embrace what we do have with grace, while asking for God’s blessings on Haiti.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shawna’s Oath

February 24, 2008

As we are dealing with the most horrendous economic collapse of our country and struggling with daily decisions over basic needs, illegal aliens are collecting our benefits and closing down our medical centers। They are taking our jobs away and our childrens' educations, and are demanding from us more, more, and more!!

Our borders are not secured. Now with civil unrest in Mexico, that leaves our Americans along the southern border unprotected to await assault at any given moment by a flood of illegals, and the daily threats of violence brought on by drug cartels.

Let me state very clearly to all:

I will not be taken off our objective or the goal of all violated Americans,
which is to secure these borders and deport every man, woman, and child who is an illegal alien and to blaze a righteous path of justice toward those who aid and abet these foreign invaders in the destruction of this great nation! That is my oath.

I will stay the course and lead in this fight with every once of strength and conviction I have; I will not waste my energy on matters that do not pertain to this very mission.

It is up to every American to fight for the future of this country; you can
not sit back and expect the government to solve this. Everyone will need to get involved and to assist our local law enforcement and border patrol agents.

It is an enormous project to defend America, but we are M.A.D. as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.

Knock me down as much as you want; I will get up every time and be even stronger after the fall.

See you at the border,
Semper Fi
Shawna Forde
M.A.D Project

Friday, January 15, 2010

Report On The Border Fence

September 22, 2008

In Memoriam: Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas, 1979-2009

As I am sitting here at the top of the southern border at Naco on International Road looking toward Douglas, many feelings wash over me. The surroundings are surreal and ominous while I watch the fence being built though my binoculars.

Most Americans sitting somewhere removed from the border are feeling proud and secure that America will be able to survive the massive influx of illegal immigration because of the strength and beauty of this fence we are building.

I sit with my stomach churning, wanting to throw up as the realization sets in, and sweat clings to me with the violent chill that runs up and down my spine. The words to describe this feeling are shock, failure, insult, disbelief and finally, anger.

Let us look at some hard facts:

1: Only 109 miles of fence has been completed.
2: Funding has run out, due to the $7.5 million cost per mile (over-budget by $3.5 million)
3: Yuma fence is incomplete since 2006
4: Vehicle barrier fence ONLY!!!!!!!!
5: No funding for fence repairs

That's correct, America--this fence was built with the intention of stopping vehicles, not people!

So, in effect we have now attracted a more creative mass of people to climb our vehicle barrier. Drugs have now been transferred to burlap backpacks and parachutes. For example: the wire mesh fence can be climbed with crampons and a couple of screw drivers.

And let us not forget the ladder collection Border Patrol has, and even vehicle ramps designed to go up and over "our fence!" Four vehicles; one load vehicle, all over and going separate directions. Here's the catch: ONE BORDER PATROL AGENT PER 5 MILES.

We have observed groups of up to 200 crossing per night in one location; they know BP's shift change.

I have been on this border for 4 weeks now doing a thorough investigation of the number of crossings to see whether or not there is, in fact, a decrease. I have come to the conclusion that in some areas this could be a possibility, but due to the fact there is no proper monitoring system in place, and not nearly enough agents, this would be an assumption at best. What I have witnessed is an increase in drug cartel aggression to keep the same flow moving into America, forcing larger numbers of (human) mules to cross. This has created shoot-outs and massacres in Mexico city as well as throughout Mexico. It will only be a matter of time until our agents will be shot at and killed on the spot! We have drug cartels now that hold Americans at gun-point until their crossing is completed. I wonder what the government will do then?

Just last night a group of 50 crossed near American Border Patrol’s ranch. In one general area up to 1,000 people cross per day. The federal government has lied to us again!

The fence is not doing the job we were told it would do.

Our Border Patrol agents are over-worked but highly skilled and incredible American men and women who put their lives on the line to secure this nation while dealing with zealous bosses and so much red tape it is insulting.

The American media has done such a disservice to these individuals that they are completely skeptical of all of them, fearing abuse by them and being portrayed as the bad guy instead of the heroes they actually are. This saddens me the most.

We as Americans were not sold a vehicle barrier; in fact, we were sold a bill that promised to secure our borders and now that the money has run out, the influx of illegals has increased to an alarming rate with amnesty hanging like a whisper in the air.

So even with this sobering result, I still hold out the hope that Americans will join together no matter what political party or cultural background, but as Americans, standing together and fighting for the security and sovereignty of our great nation before it collapses to its knees.

The time to join the movement is now.

In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a brave and scarce man; hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot -Mark Twain

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dirty Girl

Mon, December 15, 2008

As I come out of the 7-11 in the north end of the neighborhood, I notice this girl standing on Broadway who is no more than 17 years old at the most. I also notice a van parked about 30 yards away from her; it is 1 am and on a street known for prostitution.

The weather is a brisk 30 degrees and she is dressed for the Vegas strip in July, with black stilettos, pants that have holes from ankle to hip, a flashy belt, and mini top with a little jean jacket. She has long blond hair and she looks like a "dirty girl," which is street slang for prostitute. I decide to approach her and inquire.

As I walk to her two much older Russian guys get out of their van. I get to her before they do and ask her, "Are you okay and do you want a ride?" I also question, "Are you here against your will?" Then the short stocky man speaking Russian to her pushes his way past me and just glares at me and tells me to mind my own F****ing business in his broken accent. I look the girl in her eyes and the terror I saw there will never leave my memory; it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

They grab her by the arm, put her in the van, and leave telling me that people who interfere get hurt. I get in my car and try to follow, but to no avail.

This led me to start investigating the massage parlors that are popping up in seedy parts of town. We tend to focus on southern border issues and forget that large human trafficking rings are bringing young Russian and Asian girls into this country and forcing them into back room and street prostitution, starting as young as 10 years old. And this happens out in plain view of society, along a highway in a neighborhood, maybe even next to your child's elementary school.

I have been doing some investigative work on these subjects and what blows me away is that the officials know about these places, yet do nothing to stop it. Our politicians are more concerned about their campaigns and no one talks about this problem. We here at M.A.D. will be doing further research on the prostitution rings in America.

Illegal immigration comes in many forms, from migrant workers to drug smuggling and child prostitution. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a “child of the night?” If you have a heart, you cannot shrug it off and think they choose to be there. Yet we do drive by, we walk past, we shrug it off, because it's too much reality for us to emotionally absorb. I look for that "dirty girl" almost 3 times a week. In my search for her I have uncovered some very dark secrets that hide in our neighborhoods--the secrets of human trafficking. I will start taking pictures of these massage parlors and doing some surveillance just to see what needs to be exposed.

So remember, America: illegal immigration comes from all over the world with different agendas! The next time you see a very young prostitute, and shrug it off, that one person may be worth it for you to stop and ask, "Are you okay?” Especially if it's a child.

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