Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dirty Girl

Mon, December 15, 2008

As I come out of the 7-11 in the north end of the neighborhood, I notice this girl standing on Broadway who is no more than 17 years old at the most. I also notice a van parked about 30 yards away from her; it is 1 am and on a street known for prostitution.

The weather is a brisk 30 degrees and she is dressed for the Vegas strip in July, with black stilettos, pants that have holes from ankle to hip, a flashy belt, and mini top with a little jean jacket. She has long blond hair and she looks like a "dirty girl," which is street slang for prostitute. I decide to approach her and inquire.

As I walk to her two much older Russian guys get out of their van. I get to her before they do and ask her, "Are you okay and do you want a ride?" I also question, "Are you here against your will?" Then the short stocky man speaking Russian to her pushes his way past me and just glares at me and tells me to mind my own F****ing business in his broken accent. I look the girl in her eyes and the terror I saw there will never leave my memory; it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

They grab her by the arm, put her in the van, and leave telling me that people who interfere get hurt. I get in my car and try to follow, but to no avail.

This led me to start investigating the massage parlors that are popping up in seedy parts of town. We tend to focus on southern border issues and forget that large human trafficking rings are bringing young Russian and Asian girls into this country and forcing them into back room and street prostitution, starting as young as 10 years old. And this happens out in plain view of society, along a highway in a neighborhood, maybe even next to your child's elementary school.

I have been doing some investigative work on these subjects and what blows me away is that the officials know about these places, yet do nothing to stop it. Our politicians are more concerned about their campaigns and no one talks about this problem. We here at M.A.D. will be doing further research on the prostitution rings in America.

Illegal immigration comes in many forms, from migrant workers to drug smuggling and child prostitution. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a “child of the night?” If you have a heart, you cannot shrug it off and think they choose to be there. Yet we do drive by, we walk past, we shrug it off, because it's too much reality for us to emotionally absorb. I look for that "dirty girl" almost 3 times a week. In my search for her I have uncovered some very dark secrets that hide in our neighborhoods--the secrets of human trafficking. I will start taking pictures of these massage parlors and doing some surveillance just to see what needs to be exposed.

So remember, America: illegal immigration comes from all over the world with different agendas! The next time you see a very young prostitute, and shrug it off, that one person may be worth it for you to stop and ask, "Are you okay?” Especially if it's a child.

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